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in Coco Products Since 2011

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We Royal Green Exports offers wide range of Coco Peat products of highest quality. We have the great team of professionals and technical resources and expertise to produce quality coco peat that meets the worlds RHP standards of quality.

In 1995, We Royal Green Exports began selling "coconuts" to a number of locations in around Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. Beginning in 2002, we sold the extra coconut husk components from our goods to companies that make coconut fibre. Following the expansion of our business into the curtain industry, we established our own Coir Fiber manufacturing facility in 2011. We are gifted with water resources, river Aliyar provides water throughout the year.

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We have a variety of coco peat-based products like Coco pith Washed (Low EC), Non-washed (High EC), Coco Husk, Husk Chips and Pith Special mixings on requested Ratio, Coco Coir bags, Disc, Grow Bag, etc.

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