Green Gardens

Coir Mulch Mat is also called as Coir Weed Controller mat, Coir Disc and Tree Mat. It helps in preventing weeds growth and maintaining of moisture below the coir mulch mat. Stops evaporation thus available of water for more duration. These coir discs are available in many sizes and customized

Material 100% natural, sustainable, and eco-friendly coconut fibe, Made from organic coconut shell,cut into small coconut chips. Keep the moisture Roots grow under the coconut fiber growth mat, keeping the water in the hydroponic tray between the flood cycles, preventing them from drying out trees and plants- Natural plant growth is more effective than loose coverage in protecting plants. Made from natural cocoa, it is a good plant cover cream that prevents water, air and nutrients from entering the roots of shrubs or trees.

Versatile Used as a direct growth medium or added to garden soil to improve water holding capacity and ventilation. Suitable for any planting purposes: indoor garden soil, flowers, herbs, houseplants, etc.

Coco Pots

The Coir pots are excellent products for growing healthy plants. They are made of latex coated sheets into coir fiber pots in various shapes & sizes. The are used in nurseries and gardens to grow all type of plants/ It can be used as a protector for the plants roots which needs more care in the nurseries to transfer or shift them for vegetation to take place. When planted into the soil the roots protrude the coir and passes into the soil for healthy growth.

Coco Liner Hangers

Attractive Cone-shapped coco liners fixed in a designed metal holder to make our home and living area pleasant with beautiful flower plants. This products is used to hang plants indoor or outdoors for decorative purposes. These hangers are with liners offered in various ranges developed by making use of the finest quality coir. There is size of 5" & 9". This conical baskets has salient featuressuch as durability. High capability to retain water and strength.

Coco Conicals Hangers

Coco Baskets are flexible high strength baskets ideal for indoor and outdoor plants in many sizes. They are highly durable and has water retention capacity. They can be used as a protector for the plants which needs more care in the industry and could be carried to the sites where it is difficult for the vegetation to take place.

Coco Wall Half Liner

This product is manufactured by making use of best quality coco fibres which have enable it to retain water for maximum time. These baskets is offered in various sizes in order to cater diverse requirements of the clients and line vertical wall garden.

Coco Spanish Pot

Coco Spanish Pots are square in shape which looks elegant in various sizes and also available as hanging basket.

Coco Poles

The Coir Coco pole is available in many sizes which can be placed indoor and outdoor for creeping and special plants to facilitate it's growth. The Coco Pole will holds water when sprinkled above to avail water for the roots of plants in it's growth.

Coco Non Woven Needle Felt

These coir needle-felt rolls are manufactured in our modern factory. The Coir rolls are used for soil erosion control in road pavements and road laying works, coco lawns, in water channels, pond sorrowing to tighten by growing the plants above the rolls. The Coir micro-filament netted sheets are an extra strength for purpose of erosion control.

There are several types coir non woven needle felt are being used for many puposes, those are: Without Latex, One Side Latex, Two Side Latex, Netted Single Side, Netted Double Side

Coco Coir Scrubber

Coir Scrub pad is made of Eco-friendly coir non-woven sheets which is used in dish washing and cleaning. These scrubbers are easy to use, natural, easy to clean which last longer. Importantly it is not added with harmful chemicals like colored synthetic pads. Coir Scrubbing pads are lightweight with strong absorbent structure which helps in cleaning the dishes efficiently in kitchens and others purpose.

Avaliable Sizes:

With and without Stitch

  • 6 x 4 inch
  • 3 x 4 inch

Coco Single Cavity Trays

Coir Seeding tray are of many purposes used for seed germination, growing plants like kitchen mint coriander, micro greens etc. These trays are easy for handling and with less consumption of water along with cocopeat, soil and organic compost fertilizers.

Cocopeat Coins & Netted Coins

Cocopeat coins or coco peat discs are manufactured in many sizes to fill the required trays and pots. In this way, it helps the seedling to develop excellent roots. Most importantly the seedlings grown on cocopeat coins can be easily transplanted without disturbing the root system.

Coir Netted coins are packed in non-woven fabric for its expansion into it, While adding water and nutrients. Thus its easy to handle while shifting and transporting after germination of seeds into plants. Roots are availed of safe mode without damage.