Centum Chips

100% Husk Chips 5KG Block Low EC [10-20мм | 4-16мм | 8-16мм |
0-16мм | 0-20мм]

Coir chips are made from the outer layer of coconut husks and are commonly used as a soil conditioner, mulch, and potting medium. They have excellent water retention properties, which makes them an excellent choice for drought-prone areas. Coir husks, on the other hand, can be used to make a wide range of products, including ropes, mats, and even biofuel. Coconut Husk chisp are used for various applications to grow vegetables and plants. These coco chips are available in many sizes according to the requirements.

Material 100% natural, sustainable, and eco-friendly coconut fibe, Made from organic coconut shell,cut into small coconut chips. Keep the moisture Roots grow under the coconut fiber growth mat, keeping the water in the hydroponic tray between the flood cycles, preventing them from drying out trees and plants- Natural plant growth is more effective than loose coverage in protecting plants. Made from natural cocoa, it is a good plant cover cream that prevents water, air and nutrients from entering the roots of shrubs or trees.

Versatile Used as a direct growth medium or added to garden soil to improve water holding capacity and ventilation. Suitable for any planting purposes: indoor garden soil, flowers, herbs, houseplants, etc.