Royal Green Exports currently owns four sets of Unitech block-making machines, sand separators, screeners, and conveyor systems. The business produces 40 MT/day of "Premium Coco Peat." possesses 3500 MT of his or her own raw cocoa material in beds that belong to the business. The business produces 18 MT of its own coco pith raw material.

At our manufacturing facility, we use only the highest quality coconut husk components and the latest technology to produce our products. Our products are rigorously tested to ensure that they meet international safety and quality standards. In addition, we are constantly innovating and improving our production processes to ensure that we are providing the best possible products to our customers.

We Royal Green Exports founded our own "Coco Peat" manufacturing facility in the year 2017 with a 16000 square foot Ware house and a 40000 square foot concrete yard to process Coco Peat. We have all latest machineries and equipment’s to product world class coco peat like Unitech block making machine, sand remover and twin screeners to product export quality Coco Peat that is free of contaminants and meets the highest standards of quality.

Our manufacturing facility is located in the southern part of India, which is a major coconut-producing region. This means that we have access to the highest quality coconut husks, which are used to create our coco peat products. In addition, we also have access to the latest technologies and processes that are used to manufacture our products.

In addition, we are committed to providing our customers with excellent customer service. We have a team of experienced customer service professionals who are available to answer any questions that our customers may have. They can also help our customers to find the perfect products for their needs.

Company Location

Royal Green Exports, nestled in the heart of Kotturmalayandipattinam, Pollachi, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, has flourished over the past five to six years. Grounded in Indian heritage, our dedicated team crafts premium Coco Peat products, drawing from the rich legacy of our ancestors. Upholding the coconut tradition, we distribute its bounty while expanding into Coir Fiber production, sustained by the ever-flowing river Aliyar.

Infra Facility

Royal Green Exports boasts a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility founded in 2017, featuring a 16,000 square foot warehouse and a 40,000 square foot concrete yard dedicated to processing premium Coco Peat. Equipped with four sets of Unitech block-making machines, sand separators, screeners, and conveyor systems, our facility produces 40 MT/day of top-quality Coco Peat. With 3,500 MT of raw cocoa material in our possession, sourced from our own beds, and an additional 18 MT of coco pith raw material, we ensure consistent production of high-grade products. Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction drives us to constantly improve our processes and uphold the highest international quality standards.

Our Machineries

Royal Green Exports has invested in a comprehensive range of machinery tailored for coir processing. Our facility features block-making machines, sand separators, screeners, and conveyor systems, carefully selected for their efficiency and reliability. These machines, mostly imported from leading experts worldwide, are designed to optimize production processes and ensure stringent quality control. Additionally, our facility adopts advanced mechanisms and the latest IT applications to enhance communication and operational efficiency throughout the production chain. With a rigorous quality certification procedure enforced at every stage, coupled with regular training and appraisal programs, we consistently achieve the desired standards of quality and quantity in our coir-based products. Safety measures are integrated at all levels of our production centers, underscoring our commitment to the well-being of our workforce and the integrity of our operations.

Storage Facility

Royal Green Exports prides itself on its robust storage infrastructure, with warehouses strategically located in Chennai and Tuticorin. Our Chennai facility spans an expansive 15,000 square feet, providing ample space for the storage of our premium Coco Peat products. Similarly, our Tuticorin warehouse, covering 12,000 square feet, offers secure storage solutions for our inventory.

These warehouses are finely supervised and secured, employing advanced security measures to safeguard our products. With round-the-clock monitoring and stringent access controls, we ensure the integrity and safety of our stored goods. Additionally, both facilities are equipped with modern inventory management systems, allowing us to efficiently track and manage our products. This streamlined approach enables us to fulfill orders promptly and deliver high-quality Coco Peat products to our customers, maintaining our reputation for reliability and excellence in the industry.


At Royal Green Exports, we prioritize meticulous packing solutions to ensure the safe transit and storage of our premium Coco Peat products. Our pallet packing is tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients, featuring customized labels and treated pallets for added durability and protection. We offer versatile packing options, including four-block and three-block configurations, as well as floor load and individual packing solutions. Each product is carefully packaged in sturdy carton boxes, guaranteeing secure handling and delivery to our valued customers.


Situated strategically in Kotturmalayandipattinam, Pollachi, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, Royal Green Exports benefits from its central location in a major coconut-producing region. With warehouses in Chennai and Tuticorin, our logistics operations are streamlined, facilitating efficient storage and distribution of our Coco Peat products. Leveraging our proximity to transportation hubs and well-connected road networks, we ensure prompt delivery to both domestic and international markets. Our integrated logistics approach ensures seamless coordination between production, storage, and distribution, enabling us to meet the demands of our customers with precision and reliability.